Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sick Child

I don't like having a sick child! I felt really bad today because Zack told me in Sacrament meeting that he wasn't feeling well but I really didn't believe him. I had to go to another ward in another building so I had to leave the kids alone at church. I told Zack I could drop him off home if he really wasn't feeling well but told him that I thought he was OK to stay and that he would be fine. Well, by the time I picked them up after church, Zack had a fever and he was really weak. I am a horrible mother! He came home and has just laid on the couch all day. I can always tell when Zack is not feeling well because he refuses to eat, which in my world is very abnormal, and he also gets really talkative. It is too funny! Ever since he was a little boy he has had this need to talk alot when he is sick. You would think that he wouldn't talk much because I know when I am sick I do not want to talk and I do not want to be talked to. But when he is awake he justs gabs away, sometimes not making much sense and other times just saying the funniest things. Its a crack up! I hope he feels better tomorrow after a good nights rest. But in the meanwhile I will enjoy his nonstop talking:)


E. Rose said...

Ahh man--poor kid! Sean had a similiar thing Friday--he pulled for the first time ever..."I don't feel good...I don't want to go to school". Well Andrea and I manage to get him in through the door and I think..oh he'll be fine. Well, I pick him up and we go to Target and wala totally pukes in the parking lot. He was telling the truth!!! Oh the guilt!!

Jo said...

I think we all do that. I never believe my kids when they say they don't feel well. You may remember the incident of Carly throwing up all over me in Sacrament Meeting. Oh! The humiliation!!!!

Kaye said...

He is pulling for a 2 day school week! Smart kid!

Kaye said...
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Anonymous said...

oohh! poor cute kiddo! we have all done this before - especially to the sweet kid who doesn't seem to ask for much!
I guess it's the loudest squeaky wheel that gets the attention.
Dang Ward Conference was the louder squeaker in your responsible head!

Well he's got mom today . . hope he's feeling lots better!