Monday, January 5, 2009

Utah Again!

The boys and I decided to go to Utah this last weekend before school starts to see my parents. It might be awhile before we can see them because of school so we wanted to spend some time with them because they will not be able to travel out here for awhile. As always it was wonderful spending time with them. My Dad is still pretty weak from his cancer treatment but he is hanging in there. What a pain cancer is! It is nice to see that they are surrounded by great friends and it is a comfort to know that my sister is up there living with them right now to help them out. I am so glad that we are not very far away but I do not like the drive but at least it is only 6 1/2 hours. But this time we found a new place to sightsee but we did not get to stop at it this time but we plan on it next time. So just in case you are traveling on I-15 anytime soon be sure to visit the gas station (you can't miss it-there is only one) between Baker and Stateline because they had a huge sign advertising to (words were scrolling) CHECK OUT OUR NEW WATERFALL URINALS. Yeah, you know it, we are going to have to definitely check those out next time....or at least the boys will. We have already seen the Worlds Largest Thermometer. ha ha The desert is a strange place!

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Kelly said...

LOL! That is hilarious that they advertised the urinals! When you go in next time, you will have to tell them that they can't beat the waterfall urinal at the Madonna Inn. Yes, I went into the men's bathroom to see it. (Randy checked first to make sure that no one was in there!) It is pretty interesting. And you are absolutely right, the desert is a strange, strange place. NO other place like it!!