Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Love that Goal

Matthew had a youth activity last night at the church. As part of the activity they made goals for the new year (or personal committments). Matthew showed me his goals when he got home and all three of them were really good. But the one that jumped off the page and made me smile and my heart melt was the third one. It read "Be nice to My Mom". Love it! That is my favorite goal and one that I hope he achieves! Actually I can't complain too much because Matthew is pretty good to me and tells me everyday that he loves me but he does have his moments so I am glad that it means enough to him to make it a goal to be nicer to me.


Heather said...

he has great hair.

Kaye said...

Lucky! I don't even know if James even made any goals. I love Matthew!

elegyrl said...

Oh how sweet! I am glad his goal is going to balance mine which is of course to find more ways to harrass you :) Just kidding! Love ya much!